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Academic Advisement

  • In addition to general academic advisement offered, specific guidance is available for NJCU students in the following groups:    

    Group  Contact/Student Advisor  Telephone 

    Ms. Robyn Burton

    Ms. Jaci Timko    



    Honors Program Dr. Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley 201.200.3256
    International Students Mr. Craig Katz 201.200.2089
    EOF/OSP Students OSP Advisors 201.200.3355
    TLC Mr. Woodrow Lewis, Jr. 201.200.2214
    Veterans Ms. Elaine Gargiulo 201.200.2157

    Choosing a Major

    If you do not belong to one of the above groups and you are undecided on a major, the University Advisement Center will provide you an academic advisor.

    If you know which program you intend to major in, and expect to transfer more than 30 credits, please contact the department chairperson or Dean to schedule an advisement appointment. (Browse department listings.) To declare a major, you must visit the University Advisement Center to complete a Declaration of Major form (Vodra Hall 101).

    Transfer Student Advising

    Transfer students should check with the Transfer Resource Center within the University Advisement Center.

    Transfer students who have had their transcripts evaluated and have not declared a major should contact the University Advisement Center to schedule an advisement appointment.