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NJCU Governance and Organization

  • Take an in-depth look at departments, entities, and individuals within the University. Each plays a vital role in creating the vibrant academic community at New Jersey City University. 

    Office of the President
    The NJCU Office of the President oversees academic affairs, administration, enrollment, and other key areas within the university.

    Board of Trustees
    NJCU’s Board serves as steward of the University’s mission.

    University Senate
    The University Senate lends voice to the greater NJCU academic community.

    Office of the Provost
    The Office of the Provost sets the tone of academic excellence that defines the NJCU experience.

    Student Affairs
    With an eye on civic development, the Student Affairs Division helps NJCU shape tomorrow’s leaders.

    University Advancement
    Collaborating with the greater NJCU community, the Division of University Advancement contributes to NJCU’s fiscal stability.

    Administration and Finance
    As the primary stewards of the University’s human, fiscal, physical and technological assets, the departments within the Division continue to seek and apply new solutions that drive continuous improvement and deliver quality services to the University Community.

    Institutional Effectiveness
    The Office for Institutional Effectiveness provides assessment, institutional research, and planning support for NJCU.



       NJCU Organizational Chart 

    NJCU Organizational Chart - 3-2015 

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