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Information for:

  • Graduate Admissions

Graduate Financial Aid

  • NJCU graduate students may be eligible for scholarships and loans. In addition, each year, NJCU offers highly-qualified students a limited number of graduate assistantships covering tuition and fees for full-time graduate study.

    NJCU Stimulus Scholarship

    The Stimulus Scholarship provides up to $400 in graduate aid for new graduate students who are admitted for a degree or certification program. Qualified students can receive a $200 discount or credit for their first graduate class and another $200 discount or credit for their second class. The graduate scholarships may only be used during the student’s first term. Students whose tuition is paid through tuition waivers or grants are not eligible for this scholarship. Once registered online through GothicNet for their first classes, eligible students may apply online for this Scholarship

    Alumni Scholarship Program

    Created for NJCU undergraduate degree program alumni, the Alumni Scholarship provides a $100 graduate tuition discount for each of the student’s first two classes. Students whose tuition is paid through waiver or grants are not eligible for this Scholarship. Once registered online through GothicNet for their first classes, eligible students may request the Alumni Scholarship by sending an email to, that includes their GothicNet ID.

    Alumni may not receive both the Alumni Scholarship and the Stimulus Scholarship awards.

    Veterans' Benefits

    A veteran whose entitlements have not expired may qualify for graduate educational benefits through the Veterans Administration. Any veteran who believes that he or she is eligible may contact the Coordinator of Veterans Affairs at New Jersey City University or the local VA office for instructions and application forms. Benefits may be awarded to both part-time and full-time students. For additional information call Elaine Gargiulo, Coordinator of Veterans Benefits, at (201) 200-2157.  Veteran students can find more information at the NJCU Veterans Benefits website. 

    EOF Graduate Benefits

    The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Graduate Program provides graduate aid to full-time graduate students who meet eligibility requirements, providing students with grants totaling up to $2,300 per year. Those interested in applying to the EOF Graduate Program should contact the EOF Director at 201.200.3355. Before applying, students must be full-time matriculated students or have an intention to matriculate. In addition, they must submit either a Graduate and Professional Financial Aid Service Form (GAPSFAS) or a Financial Aid Form (FAF) and appropriate documentation to the Financial Aid Office. Qualified students must be registered for at least nine credits during the fall and spring semesters. 


    NJCU encourages incoming graduate students to explore all forms of graduate financial aid for which they qualify.