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    Are you a new student or incoming freshman at NJCU? Follow the links on this page to access the multitude of University resources and services that are available to you. If you have a question or concern, please e-mail, and a University staff member will assist you.



    Upon your acceptance to NJCU as an incoming freshman, you must reserve your place in the class by mailing your $50 admissions deposit and confirmation card. NJCU will then send you a comprehensive new student information packet that contains detailed information regarding the enrollment process. You will also receive a letter regarding the Freshman Placement Test.  For further information, contact the Office of Admissions at 201.200.3234.

    Once you have submitted your admissions deposit ($50), please select a date for Freshman Placement Testing and your advisement appointment.

    Freshman Placement Test
    Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive a letter inviting you to take the ACCUPLACER Freshman Placement Test. Please register online for the test as soon as you receive your invitation.

    The Freshmen Placement Test assesses your skill levels in English (writing and reading) and mathematics (computation and algebra) to determine which of the required courses you will take during your first semester. Mathematics and reading test scores are available soon after testing; writing scores are generally available within two or three days of taking the exam.

    You MUST take the freshman placement exam if you are: 

    • A full- or part-time freshman
    • A student who plans to earn 12 or more credits
    • A full- or part-time transfer student who has not received transfer credit for college-level composition and mathematics

    Information about upcoming test dates, regulations, and registration can be found through the University Advisement Center.

    Freshman Advisement and Registration
    Once you have taken the Freshman Placement Test, you should make an appointment with the University Advisement Center (UAC) for advisement and to register for your first semester of classes. You will meet with an academic advisor to review your Freshman Placement Test results and general studies requirements. To schedule an appointment, please call the UAC at 201.200.3300 or e-mail the Virtual Advisor.

    New First-Year Student Orientation
    Participation in the New First-Year Student Orientation Program is required for all new first-year students. This full-day program includes activities designed to help you transition to New Jersey City University. You will meet student leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators who can offer advice and answer your questions about college life. You will also receive information about advisement, financial aid, University policies, and student rights and meet your classmates.

    Please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at (201)200-3525 or the Office of Campus Life at (201)200-3585 for registration information.


    The Student Outreach and Retention (SOAR) Office is committed to supporting the college transition, and persistence of first time freshmen. New students are paired with a talented Rising Knight Peer Mentor who works to develop a supportive relationship with their mentee, helping them successfully navigate their first year of college. Please contact the SOAR Office at (201)200-3577 or for more information.

    Transfer Student Information
    Upon acceptance to New Jersey City University, new transfer students must send a $50 tuition deposit to confirm their intention to enroll. Upon receipt of this deposit, your academic transcripts will be evaluated. As a transfer student, you have the option to expedite your credit evaluation by submitting the Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form. our request will be handled within two or three days and a representative from the Transfer Resource Center will contact you to let you know if any follow-up appointments and/or procedures are necessary. 

    For further information, contact the Transfer Credit Evaluator at the University Advisement Center at (201)200-3418.

    Academic Advisement
    Academic advisement is offered at many places at NJCU; we will help find the right advisement choice for you.

    To ensure proper advisement, please let your advisor know if you intend to complete an A.A. or A.S. degree before you enroll. Final transcripts should be submitted no later than the end of January in order to receive a complete and final evaluation before the start of the fall semester.

    Transfer Student Orientation
    NJCU’s Transfer Student Orientation provides you with valuable information to ease your transition to the University. The program covers transfer credit evaluation, general studies requirements, financial aid, graduation clearance and academic department requirements. Your orientation will provide you with the opportunity to meet student leaders, faculty, staff and administrators who can offer advice and answer questions. Once you receive your letter of invitation, please confirm attendance with the Transfer Student Orientation Program by contacting the University Advisement Center at (201)200-3418 or the Office of the Dean of Students at (201)200-3525.


    Financial Aid Processing Update
    Financial aid awards for the academic year are accessible to all students via GothicNet, NJCU's campus intranet service. 

    All requests for additional documentation must be resolved prior to the offer of any financial assistance. 
    Once awarded, you will receive a letter in the mail outlining the aid you are eligible to receive for the academic year. All aid is based on full-time study. The individual awards may be adjusted based on your actual semester enrollment. 

    All grant and scholarship awards will be automatically applied to your account.  Federal student loans must be accepted to be applied to your account.  Loans are accepted on NJCU’s GothicNet web site:  Students must be enrolled for at least 6 credits each semester to receive the loan proceeds.

    Make certain you are aware of the academic progress guidelines you must follow to maintain your aid for subsequent academic years. The academic progress guidelines can be found at:

    If you have any questions about your financial aid or processing status, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (201)200-3173 or 

    Health Insurance 

    As of the 2014-15 academic year, New Jersey City University will not offer a student health insurance plan. New Jersey Statute 18A:62-15, modified by the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Christie last July, no longer requires New Jersey colleges and universities to insure that students are covered by health insurance policies.

    In addition, with the passage of the federal Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA), all citizens must have insurance coverage through a PPACA compliant plan or they will be subject to tax fines beginning in January of 2014. In response, the Federal Government has established health insurance exchanges that allow families and individuals, who need health insurance, to compare coverage and related costs among a variety of insurance companies.

    Students should first determine if they are eligible for extended dependent coverage under a parent’s health insurance plan. The next step requires the student to access the health insurance exchange for your state. For New Jersey and most other states that would be You can also visit the NJCU Bursar’s webpage for additional information and resources;