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  • New Jersey City University recognizes that campus technology plays an integral and pervasive role in all aspects of University life and remains committed to providing a rich and extensive array of technology resources and services in support of teaching, learning, administration, and communications.

    From Smart Classrooms to Computer Labs

    NJCU students benefit from a multitude of smart classrooms, state-of-the-art computer labs, and other academic technologies including the Blackboard CE Learning Management System and Wimba Live Classroom. A repertoire of online resources is made available through the Frank J. Guarini Library to facilitate research. Electronic communication is supported through web-based E-mail access for students, faculty, and staff; GothicAlert, the University’s emergency notification system; a web-based University events calendar; web hosting services for students and faculty; electronic message boards; and computer stations distributed throughout the campus.

    Technology in the Curriculum and Online Courses

    Technology also plays an active role in the curriculum, as demonstrated by the large number of graduate and undergraduate courses offered online each year. For those students who may not be ready for a fully online experience, the University also has a growing number of blended courses available. Blended courses provide students with the best of both worlds by offering learners the opportunity to combine online learning with regularly scheduled class meetings.

    Strong and Secure IT Infrastructure

    Underlying all of this technology is a secure high-speed, high-performance IT infrastructure. The NJCU WiFi network wireless network provides convenient access to campus network resources. State-of-the-art enterprise information systems place a universe of data at the fingertips of students, faculty, and staff. The University’s GothicNet portal, through a self-service model, provides secure access to administrative services.

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