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  • The Biology Programs 

    Numerous academic options are offered for students desiring either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Biological Sciences. Students are guided by faculty advisors into appropriate courses for ultimately pursuing careers in Environmental Biology, Dentistry, Education, Government, Industry, Medicine, Medical Technology, Vascular Technology, Podiatry, Research, Veterinary Medicine and other related fields. The Biology Department also sponsors a biology club for its majors.

    Our Vision and Mission

    NJCU’s Biology Department is an inclusive community of scholars committed to academic excellence in the teaching, learning and investigation of the life sciences. We aim to offer a range of contemporary biological, premedical and paraprofessional degree programs.

    The Department is committed to cultivating and maintaining a scholarly culture that optimizes the scientific learning experience. This commitment consists of providing educational experiences, supportive elements, and human factors that contribute to the retention and graduation of all the Department’s students in a timely and rewarding fashion.


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