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Dean of Students

  • The Office of the Dean of Students fosters the educational aspirations of students through access to services which directly affect their retention in and graduation from the University. In that vein, the staff of the Office of the Dean of Students sponsors programs and events that not only assist in student development, but also recognize the academic and professional achievements of students. 

    The Office of the Dean of Students:   

    1. Oversees and administers the Student Code of Conduct. 
    2. With the exception of Academic Foundation courses, notifies and advises students with regard to their academic progress (probation, suspension, and dismissal) and maintains records of their status
    3. Oversees both the Student Government Organization and the Greek Senate 
    4. Investigates all student behavioral issues and determines appropriate sanctions
    5. Provides access to students' disciplinary records in accordance to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations
    6. Apprises appropriate faculty and staff with regard to students' extended absences and maintains related records   
     Important Forms/Policies