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  • The New Jersey City University Economics Department is committed to providing our students with an academic environment that will promote intellectual curiosity, foster respect and passion for learning and the life of the mind, and to include the skills and habits necessary to become life-long learners. To achieve these ends the Economics faculty will endeavor to demonstrate pedagogical excellence, professional behavior and integrity and, above all, genuine enthusiasm for our discipline and respect and concern for our students.

    To provide our students with:
    A comprehensive and thorough understanding of modern economic theory, methodology, and language.

    Knowledge concerning the operations and of the United States’ economy and the interrelationships between the various sectors of the economy.

    Knowledge concerning the role, benefits, and limitation of market based solutions to economic and societal problems/issues.

    Knowledge dealing with the history and evolution of economic theories, policies, and major economic programs and initiatives pertaining to the United States’ economy.

    The role of technology in promoting economic growth and development. Knowledge concerning the impact of globalization of the various facets/sectors of the United States’ economy.