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Financial Literacy Expert (FLEX)

  • Visit the Financial Literacy Expert (FLEX) website for more information.

    The New Jersey City University’s Financial Literacy Initiative is a sustainable and institutionalized financial literacy program that is student led and university supported.NJCU believes its students to be capable of making fiscally responsible decisions and adopting healthy financial habits that will help ensure their success as students and alumni of the university. The financial literacy programs will help students plan out the most prudent use of resources, as well as identify the best alternatives and opportunities available to them. These programs will also help develop healthy habits of financial awareness and responsibility.

    The NJCU Financial Literacy Committee will focus on implementing the Financial Literacy Program by laying the groundwork needed to build the Student FLEX (Financial Literacy Expert) Team, and by providing the support and guidance needed to make these FLEX teams succeed.

    The Student FLEX Team:

    FLEX stands for Financial Literacy Experts. The Student FLEX team is composed of student leaders from various year levels. These Student FLEX team members will be responsible for engaging their peers in workshops and activities that will provide for opportunities for financial literacy.