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    Mission Statement

    The New Jersey City University Mathematics Department provides the academic environment, educational experiences and advisement needed by a diverse student body to develop quantitative and mathematical reasoning skills for success in their varied college courses and for career success as mathematicians, statisticians, scientists, technicians, managers, mathematics teachers, researchers and future leaders. The mathematics program also prepares and encourages students to move on to graduate studies. Proficient, dedicated, and caring department faculty utilize the most effective pedagogical and technological techniques to provide the breadth and depth of knowledge required by an urban environment, a modern complex society, and an increasing number of mathematically-dependent disciplines. Mathematics faculty and students, working together as a community of learners, develop and exhibit a lifelong love of learning.  

    Events and Update  


     Mathematics Department News Letter  Edited by Dr. Deborah Bennett


    Induction of the National Mathematics Honors Society: Kappa Mu Epsilon on 11/24/2014 

      Induction of the National Mathematics Honors Society: Kappa Mu Epsilon on 04/27/2015