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Multicultural Education Department

  • The Department of Multicultural Education is an academic department that prepares teachers for careers in ESL, bilingual, and multicultural settings. Multicultural education recognizes and supports different perceptions of the world as equally valid. It enables teachers to clarify their values and perceive their attitudes and stereotypes about other groups of people. Finally, it develops respect for linguistic and cultural differences.

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    The Department of Multicultural Education offers two undergraduate concentration programs: 

    We offer a choice of two specializations as part of the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Urban Education:

    We also provide graduate-level, non-degree certification programs in:

    New Education Major Requirements 

    As of September 2015, undergraduate students who have not already successfully completed phase I coursework must fulfill new program entry requirements in order to take any upper level education courses. In addition, there will be new matriculation requirements for graduate students seeking teacher certification. Please click here for more information.