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Online Learning

  • NJCU offers more than 500 graduate and undergraduate online learning courses designed to provide you with quality instruction wherever your busy life takes you. Online learning is convenient and flexible and the next best thing to being on our beautiful campus.

    How Online Learning at NJCU Works

    The great thing about online courses is that you can log in anywhere you have access to a computer connected to the Internet. Similar to a face-to-face course, an online course has a specific starting and ending date. All online courses at NJCU utilize Blackboard Learn, a learning management system with built-in tools for communication, collaboration, content delivery, and assessment.

    When you log into your online course, your professor will provide materials (e.g., syllabus, lessons, assignments, etc.) to guide you through whatever is required to begin and keep pace with the course. With online learning, you will most likely be communicating with your professor and classmates through e-mail and a discussion forum, both of which are built into Blackboard. Your professor may also ask you to post your assignments or take a quiz, both of which can be completed within Blackboard. Help is as close as contacting the DL (Distance Learning) Support Team via e-mail at any time.

    Online Course Offerings

    To see the most up-to-date online course offerings in a specific semester, search the GothicNet Portal.

    Visit the Online Learning website for more information 

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