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Philosophy and Religion

    Mission Statement

    Our mission as a Philosophy & Religion Department is to foster a communal academic environment that encourages students to ask fundamental questions about all spheres of life, enhances critical and creative thinking skills, and helps students make connections across all disciplines.
    Philosophy & Religion students read carefully and critically; speak and write clearly and systematically; think analytically; and reflect on questions of the nature of reality, the possibility of knowledge, personal identity, the nature of religious faith, moral values, and social and political justice. They become reflective thinkers, creative problem solvers, effective speakers and writers, as well as informed and responsible citizens. 
    By its very nature, philosophy is interdisciplinary, inquiring after the conceptual and methodological foundations of the natural and social sciences and the humanities. At the same time, it addresses questions that are essential for every human being, such as what it means to lead a good/happy life as an individual person and as a responsible citizen within wider society.