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  • Welcome to the psychology department, a field with a depth and breadth that may surprise you. 

    Is Psychology Right For You?
    Are you social, investigative, or enterprising?
    Do you enjoy collecting and interpreting scientific data?
    Do you like learning about human (or animal) behavior?
    Do you like to listen to people?
    Do you enjoy helping people sort through personal problems?
    If you answered yes to most of these questions, your personality is probably suited for a psychology major. Talk to an academic advisor or to a Psychology Department Faculty member to further explore your interests.

    What Do Psychologists Do?
    Psychology is a tremendously varied field. Psychologist conduct both basic and applied research, serve as consultants to communities and organization, diagnose and treat people, and teach future psychologists and other types of students. They test intelligence and personality. They study how human beings relate to each other and also to machines, and they work to improve these relationships; and with America undergoing large changes in population makeup, psychologists bring important knowledge and skills to understanding diverse cultures.

    Psychologists specialize in a host of different areas within the field and identify themselves by many different labels. A sampling of those focal areas is presented below to give you an idea of the breath of Psychology’s content.

    Clinical Psychologists – assess and treat mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, ranging from short-term crises to more severe, chronic mental health conditions.

    Developmental Psychologists – study the psychological development of the human being that takes place throughout life.

    Health Psychologists – are interested in how biological, psychological and social factors affect health and illness.

    School Psychologists – work directly with public and private schools. They assess and counsel students, consult with parents and school staff and conduct behavioral interventions.

    Social Psychologists – study how a person’s mental life and behavior are shaped by interactions with other people, including both individual and group influences. They are interested in all aspects of interpersonal relationships, including both individual and group influences, and seek ways to improve such interactions.

    PsychNet is APA’s web page on the Worldwide Web. It contains information for psychologists, psychology students, and the general public. The URL is: http://www.apa.org