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  • NJCU Emergency Notification System GothicAlert

    NJCU has an  Emergency Notification System (ENS), called  GothicAlert which allows the University to contact the community in the event of an emergency by sending messages via:

    • Text message
    • Voice message (mobile or land-line)
    • E-mail

    When an emergency occurs that requires the NJCU community's attention or action, GothicAlert will be activated and you will be notified by the methods noted above using the personal information you have provided. GothicAlert will cycle through each contact method three times or until you confirm receipt. Of course, if you have not provided contact information for text messaging, for example, GothicAlert will not attempt to send you an text message. It is imperative that your contact information is accurate and up to date in order for you to receive emergency notifications. 

    How to Sign Up?

    GothicAlert is a subscription service and current students/faculty/staff may sign up through the GothicNet portal by:

    1. Logging in
    2. Click on postcard image on the top right corner of the screen.
    3. Fill out the form.
    4. Confirm the information.
    5. Click Submit.

    If you are part of the campus community, do not have access to GothicNet, and would like to sign up please contact Public Safety at 201-200-3515. 



    GothicAlert is a subscription service. If a student, faculty or staff member wishes not to participate, then do not fill out the info in GothicNet. 

    If you have previously subscribed and wish to unsubscribe, log into GothicNet and then click on the postcard image at the top right of the page.  

    Once you are in, check the unsubscribe box at the bottom of the page and make sure you hit save. 

    By unsubscribing, the student, faculty or staff member's information will be deleted from GothicAlert. Therefore, no emergency messages will be received by persons who "Unsubscribe". If you wish to subscribe again, in the future, you must sign in and reinsert all of your information.

    For more information, please email: publicsafety@njcu.edu or call 201-200-3127/ 3128.