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Special Education

  • The major aim of the Department of Special Education at New Jersey City University is to prepare qualified and competent educators capable of meeting the instructional needs to children with physical, communicative, cognitive, behavioral, and specific learning disabilities.  New Jersey City University has an urban mission and the Department of Special Education addresses the needs of the child with disabilities in a multi-ethnic, multicultural, urban context.  This comprehensive approach to the special needs child, preschool through high school, prepares our students for the continuum of Special Education settings.  Through our flexible schedule of on-campus, online, and blended classes, our students are able to obtain the necessary skills for careers within Special Education Settings.

    We offer several different undergraduate and graduate degree options depending on the previous experience, current professional status, and future career goals of our students.  We also offer non-degree programs in Teaching Students with Disabilities (TOSD) and Learning Disabilities for Teacher Consultant (LDTC). 

    Our teacher training programs are directed to effectively prepare students from diverse backgrounds to address the needs of children with a variety of disabilities. The instructional model, on which both the graduate and undergraduate programs are based, is derived from the “reflective urban practitioner framework” with its emphasis on reflective practice in an urban educational setting.

    We look forward to welcoming you into our program and having you join us in our efforts to serve the needs of our society’s most vulnerable children.

    Important Information for Education Majors

    As of September 2015, undergraduate students who have not already successfully completed phase I coursework must fulfill new program entry requirements in order to take any upper level education courses. In addition, there will be new matriculation requirements for graduate students seeking teacher certification. Please click here for more information.