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   Usage of GothicNet IDs and Passwords

Usage of GothicNet IDs and Passwords

Your GothicNet ID and Password provides you with access to the NJCU GothicNet Portal and associated applications. The GothicNet Portal presents you with an individualized and customizable interface based on your role(s) and access needs and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is extremely important that you protect your GothicNet ID and Password.

Please review the following security guidelines regarding your GothicNet ID and Password:
  • Do not share the GothicNet ID and Password which has been assigned to you. Understand that you are responsible for all activities on your GothicNet ID.
  • Create an obscure password and be sure to change it frequently (see password change links below).
  • Ensure that others cannot learn your password (i.e., do not write down your password; do not allow others to watch you type your password; do not share your password with others)
  • For security and protection of data, it is recommended that you change your password frequently.
  • Refuse anyone who asks to use your GothicNet ID and/or Password.
  • If you have any reason to believe that your GothicNet ID or password has been compromised, immediately change your password using the option available on the GothicNet portal or contact the Security Administrator at PSSECURITY@NJCU.EDU.


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